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Mid-Michigan's premier pooper scooper service

Mid-Michigan's premier pooper scooper service

Mid-Michigan's premier pooper scooper service Mid-Michigan's premier pooper scooper service

Price List

What You Need To Know


Our pricing depends on several variables.  All services have a base price for the property size to be scooped.  In addition there is a fee per dog on the property.   


The FINAL price will include the base price plus the per dog fee.

Prepayment is required prior to scheduling one time cleans or initial cleans on regular service.  

The amount of yard waste will be visually assessed prior to the clean up.  A One Time Clean is intended for situations like a "spring clean"  where waste accumulates for a few months during the winter then needs to be cleaned after the snow melts. 

Any yard with what appears to be a waste accumulation of greater than 4 months will be subject to additional fees which must be paid prior to the yard clean up.  

If you need a One Time Clean and more than five months have passed since you last cleaned your yard, we require you to have a FREE estimate done and accepted and paid before we will schedule a clean up.


It is always best to be honest about yard size and dogs onsite when scheduling appointments.

It becomes awkward for everyone when: (1) we arrive for a clean up and you have a year of waste piled up, (2) we are able to determine more dogs on the property than indicated, (3) the property size is larger than indicated. 

We've been doing this a LONG time and we can easily identify multiple dogs on a property by their waste. It can also become uncomfortable for clients when we make contact with the local authority to verify how many dogs are licensed to the property vs. the number of dogs we have on record. We also occasionally work with a company that is able to verify dogs on a property through DNA sequencing of the waste we collect.  These checks can be done at any time there is an indication that we are scooping for more dogs than a customer is reporting.  It is best to just be honest up front, to avoid an issue later.